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AGM & Banquet



If you are interested in becoming a new board member to join us for the 2024 season.         


  • Commitment to the purpose of our Association – “The Intention of our Association is to encourage members of all ages and all levels to learn and compete in a friendly environment. We are dedicated to keeping the tradition of the reined cow horse alive as well as introducing it to our youth.”
  • Commitment to be active on a committee, to lead and encourage membership participation in the committee.
  • Commitment to listen to membership concerns and bring forward ideas to meetings to help grow and strengthen our Association goals.
  • Commitment to ensuring all livestock at our shows are treated and cared for humanely.  To bring violations to the attention of the appropriate team of people.
  • Commitment to assisting members during shows with concerns they may have, ensuring concern is dealt with in the appropriate manner according to club By-Laws &/or Rules of ASHA.

Time Requirement

ASHA board meets once per month.  The first few meetings will be face-to-face at an agreed location.  Once relationships and club direction are secure, meetings will be held via conference call.

Each Director is required to manage at least one day of a show through the season.
As well as find 2 sponsors for year-end awards. Each Director shall participate actively on one of the committees.
The committee / Board will require a minimum of 80 hrs through the year.  Some activities are completed in a short time span, and others are spread throughout the year.


AGM 2:00 pm Banquet & Year End Awards 6:00 pm Calnash Ag Event Center